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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sapphire Mother of the Bride Dress

As another focus in the wedding, the mother of the bride should look the best. Age, figure, the dress style and color, all these should be taken into account when you are selecting a mother of the bride dress. In this article, I will offer several sapphire mother of the bride dresses for your inspirations. As is know, sapphire conveys importance and confidence without being somber or sinister; on the other hand, it is a shining color connected with jewellery. All of these exactly shows elegance and glamour of a mother in the wedding.
Satin Jewel A-Line Tea-Length Mother Of The Bride Dress with Matching Jacket
Satin Jewel A-Line Tea-Length Mother Of The Bride Dress
This jewel A-line mother of the bride dress is made of satin. With exquisite appliques adorning neckline, this tea-length dress features the matching jacket with 3/4-length sleeves. On the whole, this dress presents nobility qualities if you wear it with the cap like the picture.
Chiffon Scoop A-Line Tea-Length Mother Of The Bride Dress with Matching Jacket
This scoop A-line mother of the bride dress, made of chiffon; the tea-length perfectly fit for the grand and solemn surrounding. Furthermore, the matching jacket with simple draped skirt can keep warm if you are coming to attend a wedding ceremony in this winter.
Sapphire Mother of the Bride Dress

In the west world, the color of Sapphire represents a bridal tradition, creating a conservative but sophisticated look; hence Sapphire Mother of the Bride Dress will surely call a good choice for you mothers.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Mother Of The Bride Dress with Matching Jacket

You obviously remember your own wedding like it was just yesterday. And you're so elated that your daughter has grown up into a lovely woman and will soon experience the same joy that you felt. And you have to look great for her. At the same time, you are conservative and do not want to go about flaunting your arms unnecessarily in the winter. Well here are some outfit ideas for the mother of the bride.
The first dress is made of  chiffon and satin; v-neck and a-line tea-length display a gentle feeling. In addition, the matching jacket with matching jacket features with sophisticated floral embroideries. The second short sweetheart sheath is characterized by luxuriant sequins for added sparkle.
Mother Of The Bride Dress with Matching Jacket
Mother of the bride dresses are known to be simple and formal at the same time. Yet two pieces dresses add the sense of nobility to the dress. Using jackets or boleros over dresses portrays the mother as a queen in the wedding day. Furthermore, mother of the bride dresses are recognized by its vivid and energetic colors like; black, red, purple, fuchsia, creamy, blue and grey. Finally, one piece or two pieces mother of the bride dresses will add beauty to her.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Style and Color Tips for a Mother of a Bride Dress

As the mother of the bride or groom, you've earned an honored place in the wedding party and festivities, so of course you hope to look elegant and graceful. Moreover, the mother of the bride should look as radiant as her daughter as she watches over on her wedding day.
Since everyone has their own preferences, and any color can really be worn if the bride and moms agree on it, that is to say, most mothers would advise against these hues: if you choose a color of white or ivory, please make sure it does not compete with the bride; if black, don’t make it appear in mourning; if red, too flashy one is not a best choice.
Chiffon One-Shoulder A-Line Long Mother Of The Bride Dress
Chiffon and Lace Off-the-Shoulder Sweetheart A-line Long Mother Of The Bride Dress

When you have more room to maneuver in color, the formality of your gown should match the formality of the rest of the wedding party and the event. If it is an evening wedding and the bride is dressed in floor-length ball gown, it’s probably best to avoid a short hemline in a casual fabric and vice versa. If you're leaning towards strapless, there are countless elegant options, and if you'd just be more comfortable with some arm coverage, consider a cap sleeve, three-quarter sleeve or something with a matching jacket, shrug or wrap.

a cup sleeve of mother-of-the-bride-dress
a cap sleeve mother of bride dress
In short, the mother of the bride should find a dress that’s flattering but also fits the wedding style. Whether knee-skimming or swirling about your ankles, the length of the hostess’ dress that reflects the bride’s wishes, the formality of the ceremony and reception will be the right one.