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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hairstyles for Mother of the Bride

The most of the bride plays an important role in her daughter’s wedding. Your hairstyle should be stylish but can not be overly styled or adorned. There are many ideas that suit a mother of the bride with any hair in any length. Find a hairstyle that harmonizes with the rest of the wedding party and fits your personality.

Half Up
Hair from the crown is piled on top of the head loosely or twisted into a bun. The remaining hair is past the shoulders or left to hang down. It can be curled or left straight. This is style is best with hair that is long or medium in length.

Mother of the bride with any hair, long, short, medium or pixie can wear this style. The hair is straight or curled and lay’s loosely around the head or brushed back away from the face. This style is the most versatile with any hair length or type for the mother of the brides. So, this is also the most traditional and popular hairstyle for mothers.

A classic style for mother of the bride is to have the hair pinned up in a twist, roll or bun. This style is achieved with hair pins or a clip. The hair ends up on the top or back of the head, away from the face. Hair that is long or medium in length and curled type works best in this style.

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