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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Are You Ready for Your Daughter’s Wedding?

Have your daughter decided to hold a wedding in this summer? If so, have you already finished dressed up yourself? The bride and the groom are of cause the focus of the wedding. However, you are also the important role that the guests pay attentions to, because you represent the bride’s family. Are you ready for your daughter’s wedding?

mother of the bride hairstyle
The first you should pay attention is your hairstyle. You may make a simple hairstyle. For example, twist your hair loosely at the nape and form it into a little bun. Clip it and let some hair fall on the sides of your face for added charm. You can also choose other accessories to create a stunning hairstyle, like a matching hat or a fashionable fascinator.

mother of the bride dress

mother of the bride dress

Dress is the most important for you. You should pay enough attention when choosing a mother of the bride dress. Generally, elegance is pursued by most mothers of the brides. Then, you need to consider whether the dress is formal enough for the wedding and whether the color matches well with the wedding theme. Of cause, you should make it clear that whether the style and the silhouette flatter your figure type. The dress you choose ought to show your attractive advantages, while hide your shortcomings of your body.

mother of the bride shoes
At last, a pair of shoes is necessary to complete the elegant look. In general, black heels can match well with any dress, and they are suitable for any occasion. So, it is never wrong to choose a pair of black heels. In order for comfort, you may also choose those slingback heels in the hot summer. However, you need to consider that whether the color of the shoes match perfectly with your dress.

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