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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mother of the Bride Dresses with Chic Sleeves

Nowadays, more and more designers pay attentions to the designs on the bodice or skirt when they are designing mother of the bride dresses. In their opinions, only the designs on bodice and skirt can catch eyes for the dress. This is not right. As long as the design is chic and special enough, it can add eye-catching appeal for the whole dress even though the special design may be placed just on the sleeves. What kind of sleeves is special enough to draw attentions? Let’s look at some specific examples.

mother of the bride dress with sleeves
My eyes were attracted when I first saw this mother of the bride dress, not because of its bead-embellished waist and elegant draped skirt, but because of its long sleeves. The sheer flutter sleeves look like the wings of the bats, which create an extra touch of grace and glamour for the elegant look.

mother of the bride dress with sleeves
Chiffon V-Neck A-line Long Mother Of The Bride Dress
This one also owns sheer flutter sleeves. Each of the flutter sleeves is adorned with a slit extending from the shoulder to the cuff. The draped sleeves add a strong elegant touch for the whole dress.

mother of the bride dress with sleeves
This blue mother of the bride dress features two long sleeves with tightening cuffs. A cut-out design is placed on each sleeve, which gives a sexy show of the shoulder. Such graceful sleeves look really chic and delicate.
Whether do these chic sleeves catch your eyes?

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