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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother of the Bride Dresses: What Color to Wear?

Colors are very important for your mother of the bride dresses because different color of the dress can reflect different taste and individuality. For a wedding, bride is the centre. But when choosing mother of the bride dress, we also need pay much attention to it, especially the colors we should take more into account. Here are some useful tips for your selecting the color the mother of the bride dress as follows. 
Tip 1: The color should match with the wedding theme
As we all know, young couples like to use colors as their wedding themes in recent years. This means all related wedding things should match this color theme. If you have decided to hold a pink and purple wedding, a purple dress for your mother is necessary.

Mother of the Bride Dress

Tip 2: Fashion elements should be a great choice
Everyone pursues the fashion, so is your mother. So, you need to find a fashionable color for your mother's dress. For example, purple and gray mother of the bride dresses are very popular, so you can pick up a dress in purple or gray  for your mother.

Taffeta and Lace Strapless Sheath Short Mother of the Bride Dress with Matching Jacket

Tip 3: The Color should reflect your mother’s individuality
When you are choosing dresses for your mother, you should take your mother's temperament and fondness into consideration. You should think about the color you choose for your mother whether is proper. The bright colors such as green, pink, and blue can make people feel comfortable. These colors can also convey a gentle and elegant woman quality. Dark colors may create more about maturity and nobility.

Taffeta Sweetheart Sheath Short Mother of the Bride Dress with Matching Jacket

Are you searching for a right color for your mother’s dress on your special day? Do you agree the tips above I list for you? If so, may they help you and hope you find a suitable and beautiful dress for your mother soon.

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