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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to Make a Mother of the Bride Dress More Elegant?

Mother of the bride dress often tries to emphasize the expression of maturity and elegance. This is because the period of pursuing prettiness and youthfulness has passed for mothers and it’s time for them to pursue grace and elegance. Elegant women are most beautiful. Then, how to choose an elegant mother of the bride dress? In the article, we will talk three basic designs which can make a mother of the bride dress more elegant.
First: V-neck Neckline
We all know V-neck neckline is a symbol of maturity and sexiness. Yes! If a dress is designed with V-neck, the feelings of maturity and grace will be revealed naturally.
Second: Handmade Flower
Lovely bow details are no longer suitable for mature mother. So, it is improper to place a delicate bow on mother of the bride dress. Compared with bow, handmade flower accent is more elegant and beautiful. No matter the floral accent will be placed on the shoulders, on the bodice, or on the waist, it must add elegance to the dress.
Third: Pleated Design
Appropriate pleated design on a dress will make the dress look more attractive and fashionable. Both the pleated bodice and the pleated skirt can also display grace and elegance of the dress. However, the pleated design should not be so exaggerated.
Besides, there are also a lot of other ways to add elegance to a mother of bride dress, such as delicate ribbon sash, simple chiffon ruffles, or proper lace trim. Have adding these elements, I believe your mother of the bride dress must be more fascinating.




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