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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother of the Bride Dresses with Different Necklines

We are familiar with those mother of the bride dresses featuring strapless, sweetheart, one-shoulder, off-the-shoulder, V-neck, and so on. Besides of these, have you heard about other kinds of necklines, like cowl neckline? Today, I would like to introduce three special neckline designs.
Cowl neckline refers to those that have much more material hanging in a scooping fashion on the chest. It may be very small, just gathering neatly right near your neck. Or, it may hang quite low on the chest.
Keyhole Neckline is often linked with halter necklines. The converging diagonal lines meet in front of the neck, forming a “keyhole”. This kind of neckline is always designed for those women who want to show off their attractive cleavage.
Boat neck, also known as bateau, has a broad opening, but which pass nearly horizontally across the figure near the collarbones. It offers full coverage on the chest, but shows shoulder and neck skin.
Look at the following mother of the bride dresses with these three kinds of necklines. Which kind is the most ideal one for you?

Cowl Neckline

Keyhole Neckline
Boat Neckline

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