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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tips on Mother of the Bride Outfits

As another focus in your daughter’s wedding, you, the mother of the bride, should look the best. Age, figure, style, and color should all be taken into account when you are selecting a mother of the bride dress. In this article, I will offer several tips for choosing a suitable mother of the bride dress. Keep these tips in mind, and you will always be a decent mother.

mother of the bride dress
First, the dress should flatter your body and height. You may not have a terrific figure, but you can resort to suitable designs to hide these shortcomings. For example, if you have a thick waist, you’d better choose an empire silhouette to hide it. Bodycon sheath dress should be avoided. If you have strong arms, strapless neckline is not proper. Dresses with sleeves are necessary. 

chiffon mother of the bride dress

short mother of the bride dress
Second, the mother of the bride dress should be suitable for the season so that you are comfortable wearing it. A series of season-friendly features should be employed in your dress. For instance, it is summer now. You need some cool and comfortable summer dresses to relieve the summer heat. Soft chiffon dress, smooth satin dress, and refreshing short dress are all top choices.

blue mother of the bride dress
Third, many factors decide the color of your dress. You cannot select color as much as you like. First of all, the color needs to match your complexion. Generally, the dress with bright color should be worn for daytime wedding, while subtle and soft color for evening wedding. Then, wedding theme should also be considered. If your daughter applies blue as the wedding theme, you’d better prepare a set of blue outfits. Of cause, color trend may also influence your dress so that you do not fall out of the place. Remember that you do not pick the color the same with your daughter’s wedding dress. Otherwise, you could steal her thunder.

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  1. I appreciate these fantastic tips on mother of the bride outfits. Mother of the bride should also stand out of crowd and you have helped many moms out there with this article. At San Francisco wedding venues my daughter will be saying her vows and I have planned to wear a subtle pink dress for the day.